How We Work

A Thousand Echoes teaches individuals and corporations the science and Spirit of how to build a mindful legacy that creates a trajectory of wholeness and healing for themselves, their corporate community, clients, loved ones and the wider global village. A Thousand Echoes helps individuals and corporations understand their own Echoprint in the world. Our Echoprints transcend time, creating a ripple effect, either positive or negative, that impacts the lives of thousands, and in some cases, millions. By understanding how an Echoprint is developed and its impact, individuals are taught how to consciously re-shape their lives and business endeavors into a powerful force for good in the world.

Through a combination of cutting edge quantum physics and the world of The Spirit, two great mysteries inextricably linked are unpacked and examined. During the process you will learn how consciousness is shaped and shapes the world around you. You will learn how your individual consciousness has been formed by individuals born long before you, by those in your family linage, by every encounter you have, and by every thought on which your mind meditates. Through unlocking the science and The Spirit behind how you and everything around you has been, and is currently being created, individuals are able to consciously choose new healthier paradigms and begin shifting their own lives and contributing to a global shift immediately.



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